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With the current COVID-19 health situation ever evolving, we would like to assure you that we are here to assist you during this time. As with any time of crisis, we expect to see a rise in anxiety around the situation as it evolves, a completely normal reaction to the unknown.

Our team of psychologists and clinicians will be here, working tirelessly to ensure you and your colleagues and family members are supported during this time. 

Managing Finances during COVID-19






Coronavirus Webinars


Drake WorkWise offer a suite of webinars to help support you during this time. Please contact us to find out more.





Manager Support


A focus on effectively leading through change will help to ensure you and your team emerge united. But, as we know, leaders are often the first to identify that someone else needs assistance, but the last to ask for assistance themselves. Remember, one of the most effective ways to lead a team is to communicate and lead with example.

Our ManagerSupport function is available to you 24/7, we are ready to work through any issues involved in the complex world of people management and the changing times we are experiencing.

Contact us to find out more.