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Legal & Financial Services

Did you know that through Drake WorkWise, you can access legal and financial services? These cover two areas that be the cause of major stress in life. They're areas that are often better managed or guided by an industry professional, who can support you through challenging circumstances, no matter how big or small. 

Legal & Financial Services:

Legal Services:

Drake WorkWise offers ease of access to a legal consultation, providing employees with confidential advice and legal information on non-work related issues.

We provide access to a public, self-service legal platform where you can ask questions, find information, develop agreements and documents, and learn without any associated costs. 

You’ll also gain access to financially viable legal support services, who can assist you in reviewing and redrafting legal agreements and documents, at 90% less cost and time. 


  • 100’s of legal documents and guides. 
  • Templates - agreements, contracts, and documents. 
  • Learning centre. 


  • Company registration.
  • Agreement and document review and refinement services.
  • Legal advice sessions (cost dependent on subscription).

Financial Services:

Finances are a cause of anxiety for many and accessing a financial counsellor provides great relief. 

Our Clinicians specialise in services pertaining to financial counselling and debt review for people who have lost income due to illness, divorce / separation, job loss or injury. 

We can also provide specialist counselling for addictions such as gambling, gaming or shopping.

This service is accessed directly through Drake WorkWise as part of the employee’s entitlement with no additional fees to the individual client.

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