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As a Manager, you may want to seek advice from an objective, experienced and confidential source. This is where the Drake WorkWise can help with ManagerSupport services.

ManagerSupport Services:

Our ManagerSupport specialists can help you to:

  • Recognising signs of anxiety, stress or depression in your staff
  • Managing vulnerable, stressed or at risk employees
  • Information on specific mental illnesses
  • How to effectively manage staff and improve team morale
  • Assertive communication strategies
  • Advice on harassment and bullying
  • Dealing with difficult people or behaviour
  • Effective performance management strategies
  • Improving relationships with your staff

Specially trained in complex workplace issues, our ManagerSupport clinicians are Organisational Psychologists & Counsellors. They offer senior staff, like you, appropriate and confidential advice, to effectively handle difficult work situations and challenging issues among workers.

ManagerSupport is not a replacement of the Human Resources function; it complements and encourages the delivery of exceptional people management for organisations. Our experienced and professional ManagerSupport consultants are available for a free and confidential discussion. They are ready to work with you through any issues pertaining to the complex world of people management.


If you would like to learn more about our ManagerSupport services, contact us today.


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