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Nutrition Services

Adequate nutrition is fundamental to our existence. If we do not fuel our body throughout the day, we cannot expect it to perform optimally. Nutrition plays an integral role in our quality of life, both at home and at work.

Nutrition Services:

A recent Australian Health Survey indicated that Australians generally have a poor diet, and are not consuming enough of the 5 food groups. When broken down:

  • Vegetables - did not meet recommendations
  • Fruits - did not meet recommendations
  • Grains - did not meet recommendations (except women over 71 years of age)
  • Lean meat and alternatives - did not meet recommendations
  • Dairy products and alternatives - did not meet recommendations  

It is evident that we need to be more conscientious of the food that we eat, in what quantities, and the variety of food groups that we consume each week. A diverse, balanced, fiber-rich is the cornerstone of optimal health. 

Access to nutrition services and relevant insights and tools is fundamental to making the right decisions about your health and wellbeing. Through Drake WorkWise, you can access:

  • One-on-one nutrition consultations 
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Practical meal preparation and meal planning 

These services will ensure that you’re well equipped with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions on how to adequately fuel your body, how to understand the nutrient profile of foods, how to cook and consume a more balanced diet, and how your food intake can influence your life, both at home and at work. 

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