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Workplace Wellness Training

We offer a series of customised training programs so organisations can focus on important areas pertaining to mental health practices and employee wellbeing.

Workplace Wellness Training:

Everyone has a role to play in looking after their own mental health and wellness. Our Wellness Training Programs are designed to raise awareness, drive engagement and drive commitment from staff, contributing to a mentally healthy workplace for all.

Wellness topics may include:

  • Recognising and Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Building a Resilient Workplace through Leadership
  • Stress and Resilience in the Workplace – Feedback, Communication and Growth
  • Leading Change
  • Personal Wellbeing and Mindfulness
  • Domestic & Family Violence 
  • Workplace Culture
  • Assertive Communication – Growth in Your Role

Depending on the needs of your organisation, sessions and programs can be designed for different audiences in a range of formats based on your business needs and requirements.

Our Workplace Wellness Training programs support individuals, teams and organisations in achieving complete wellbeing. This is done through support in the four areas of Wellbeing; Physical, Mental, Social and Financial Wellbeing. The longer term benefits of our Workplace Wellness Training programs are reduced sick leave, increased morale and engagement, and attaining and retention of talent. 

Suicide Awareness Training

Drake WorkWise is able to offer a proactive suicide awareness training program in which nominated employees attend a training session focusing on:

  • Identifying common changes/red flags in employees
  • Developing appropriate communication skills
  • Action to take once risk is identified
  • Self-care strategies

Suicide Awareness Training is a proactive, preventative measure that will equip your organisation with tools and skills to manage those more sensitive and complex situations. 


Whether you’re looking to put your leadership team through a Wellbeing leadership series, provide your entire workforce with a valuable and insightful seminar to help them better manage their Wellbeing, or offer suicide awareness training so that you can best support those high-risk workers, we have a solution for you. 

Our team can help you to make wellness a business priority


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